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Craftsman Clothing

Hong Kong

Classic menswear tailoring updated with luxurious materials and infused with modern flair. One of the brand’s most iconic pieces, the Rakish Belted Safari Jacket is one of our favorite items to wear on a cool day. You’ll never go out of style!

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Craftsman Clothing Co. burst on to the menswear scene in 2015 in compelling fashion and has all the makings of a heritage luxury brand. Suave, dapper, and sophisticated, the brand’s offerings can instantly transform any aspiring menswear enthusiast into a debonair sartorialist. The best way to describe Craftsman Clothing is to conceptualize it as a classic car, say a 1960s Jaguar E-Type – most famously referred to by Enzo Ferrari as the “most beautiful car ever made” – that has now been reinvented and improved for the current day, but with its original essence still intact.

In fact, Craftsman Clothing really takes this concept to heart as it takes enduring style icons such as Safari Jackets, Trucker Jackets, A-1 Bombers, and Gurkha Trousers, and reinterprets them for the modern gentleman. They retain the sartorial nuances and sculpted lines of these cult classics but inject them with their own flair and pizzaz, which gives these garments a new sense of timeless modernity. Most of all, the brand is committed to providing high quality products at a fair price, which ties neatly with the focus of “Sensible Luxury” at Alex Crown.

Founders TC and Tobe met in 2004 in Hong Kong, immediately bonded on their shared passion for fashion, and have been on an ambitious quest ever since to create incredible products for men who want to dress better but don’t want to subscribe to designer fads or the latest trends. The foundation for the brand’s designs has always been classic menswear and their quality construction combined with bold colors really make them stand out from the competition.


A Craftsman Clothing garment not only looks like it is high quality, it also feels like it as well. They source top-notch premium leathers from Spain and Italy, while most of the fabrics are from Japan.

Quality of the garment details are also important for the brand. Zippers are from Riri, a Swiss-Italian zipper company that has been supplying luxury brands with quality zippers for almost a hundred years. Jacket buttons are made of authentic horn, which adds an additional level of sartorial finesse to the garment. Jacket linings are from Bemberg, a manufacturer of high quality cupro, which typically starts as recycled cotton and then is treated so that the natural fiber has increased breathability and moisture-wicking properties, all while maintaining its softness and pliability.

Their artisans who create the garments have over 40 years of experience and are dedicated to manufacturing the best crafted products that exude top quality.


The brand’s ethos is to craft quality clothing with timeless design that never goes out of style. They have taken some of the most iconic pieces of a classic menswear wardrobe and given them a new rendition – one that is updated, fresh, and authentic.

Take the Safari Jacket for example, a sartorial staple that a well-heeled gentleman would wear while gallivanting in the great outdoors. Traditionally, the Safari Jacket is technical, practical, and worn in warm weather, hence you typically see it made out of cotton, linen, or other lightweight fabric. One of Craftsman Clothing’s signature pieces, the Rakish Belted Safari Jacket, is an interpretation that is made of fine lamb suede and is instead best suited for cooler climates. It features patch pockets with flaps, hidden horn buttons behind a smooth placket, double vents, and our favorite feature – a matching tone-on-tone belt that adds a touch of flair to the classic garment. We highly recommended fastening the belt loosely while leaving several buttons unbuttoned if…it’s not too cold, of course!

We also carry their other iconic offerings such as Gurkha Trousers, Gurkha Shorts, A-1 Bomber Jackets, and Field Jackets. We are particularly excited for their Gurkha Trousers, as it’s been awhile since a menswear brand has taken on this high-waisted, comfortable, and highly functional traditional pant made famous by the fiercely brave eponymous Nepalese soldiers. Theirs is an exceptional take on it, one that does not feel too large (sometimes that happens given the multiple pleats) and looks very sharp even when paired with a polo and loafers.

Craftsman Clothing’s aesthetic is focused on “sportorial pieces” as the founders call it, where it is the perfect blend of tailoring and sportswear. Their design DNA is sure to attract customers who have a strong personality, are detail oriented, and are not afraid to express their inner style identity. Their timeless and classic garments are sure to leave you feeling stylish, charming, and confident.


When you build a brand with value pricing in mind, you set off on a trajectory that ensures all brand and product decisions squarely focus on a high price-to-quality ratio. Craftsman Clothing has executed this with mastery. Their design is on point, their materials are exquisite, and the craftsmanship is impeccable. Their sensible pricing allows a greater audience to more accessibly build their sartorial wardrobe by procuring multiple classic pieces that will never go out of style.

We at Alex Crown are big fans of quality, not quantity. When in doubt, always pick classic garments that mix and match with everything else in your closet and are of high enough quality that they can withstand the test of time.

Because Craftsman Clothing garments are already very well priced, the brand typically does not run sales or discounts, even during the holidays. Instead of utilizing markdowns to lure customers to try their products, they have chosen instead to optimize their supply chain so that they can price their products fairly without the risk of eroding brand equity through deep discounts. We believe that you will find their products to truly be “Sensible Luxury”!


It is often easier as a young brand to pursue cost-effective shortcuts that may come at the expense of producing quality garments. Craftsman Clothing however has chosen to do the opposite. They are focused on sustainably creating high quality garments that oftentimes take more time to produce, but last longer and wear better with age. Everything is made in Hong Kong by artisans who have over 40 years of craftsmanship experience. All items are carefully crafted in limited batches to avoid wastage and to pave the way for a more sustainable future.


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