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Melbourne, Australia

Informale, as its name suggests, creates some of the world's best informal wear. But that's not all – items in the collection have sartorial influences and are also unique in their own way. You'll find beautifully made polo shirts, shorts with two belts that are inspired by vintage military shorts, or a cargo trouser with a single side pocket. If you enjoy dressing in Elevated Casual, this is the brand for you!

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Informale was founded by Steve Calder, a made-to-measure menswear specialist. Steve is from Melbourne, Australia, and has worked in menswear for over a decade. He started his career working at the luxury house Gucci, trained at the venerable Ermenegildo Zegna, and then founded Sartoria Calder, his eponymous made-to-measure atelier. He also founded Informale, a brand that firmly captures his love for casualwear, workwear, and military style, combined with his penchant for fine Italian tailoring.


Informale may be Italian for "informal", but don't let that fool you into thinking these garments aren't of high quality. In fact, all items are partly handmade. For instance, polos are expertly hand-finished at a small atelier in Naples, Italy, that employs 8 shirt-makers. The handmade steps include the cutting of the patterns, creating buttonholes, attaching the buttons, creating armholes, and stitching of bar tacks.

The rest of the polo is made in Informale's atelier in Melbourne, Australia. Fabrics are sourced from heritage mills and suppliers located in England, Italy, and Australia, and they only work with natural materials. The cutting of the fabric is also done by hand in Melbourne.


Informale's designs are decidedly elevated casual with a splash of rugged sportiness while keeping it all sartorially elegant. We agree with their mantra that less is more in the world of menswear, so long as you are buying quality. It always boils down to quality.

It also helps when the designs are timeless and versatile enough for almost all occasions, because they create longevity in your wardrobe and stand the test of time. Original designs are another hallmark of Informale, which allows the wearer to uniquely express their own point of view.


Everything from this brand exudes high quality and their competitive prices are a home run for the value-conscious buyer. It will be difficult to find another brand that has this level of quality and luxury finishes yet priced with so much inherent value.


Thoughful and deliberate -- the two words we would use to describe Informale's approach to Sustainability. They take various measures in operating responsibly and can be seen as an inspiration to other brands.

They pride themselves in knowing and controlling the entire manufacturing chain, from supply to end production. They seek to understand the origins of the fabric, how it's sourced, where it's made, and where it comes from. They then continue to stay fully engaged throughout the design and production process, and ensure that each step is performed responsibly to the best of their ability.


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