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Stefano Bemer

Florence, Italy

Stefano Bemer is considered to be one of the best shoemakers in the world, and his legacy is still carried on today with the same discipline, rigor, and excellence.

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Stefano Bemer was born in 1964 in Florence, Italy, the birthplace of High Renaissance Art. Just like the Florentine artists of that period (Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Donatello, Raphael etc.) who lived before him, Stefano Bemer strived to achieve perfection in the art of shoemaking by starting his own company in 1983. While repairing shoes, Stefano attended courses and workshops that helped him develop his own technique, and eventually became a master craftsman making bespoke shoes for discerning clientele. Stefano's customers included one of the most celebrated singers in history, the Grammy winner Julio Iglesias, as well as the actor and fellow Grammy winner Andy Garcia. Stefano even dedicated an entire year to train Oscar Award Winning actor Daniel Day Lewis in his workshop. In the final 15 years of his career before passing away in 2012, Stefano trained a select group of craftsmen who now proudly carry on his legacy. CEO Tommaso Melani runs the Stefano Bemer company today, and has been incredibly successful at creating a ready-to-wear (RTW) line that preserves the same qualities and standards as the bespoke service.


Stefano Bemer's ready-to-wear (RTW) line is handmade by extremely skilled craftsmen in an artisanal atelier located in a picturesque chapel in the heart of Florence, Italy. Depending on the model, some Stefano Bemer shoes can be fully hand-sewn, hand-lasted and hand-welted, which takes about 40 hours! Stefano Bemer even has a state-of-the-art shoemaking academy, where students can take classes to learn the art of shoemaking. The leather hides, which are the raw materials for the shoes, are mainly from the US, UK, Italy, France, and Africa. They are then processed at some of the best tanneries in the UK, France, and Italy, where they are transformed into beautiful hides to be used in the construction of Stefano Bemer shoes.


Classic, elegant, and comfortable, Stefano Bemer's shoes are the perfect example of a timeless yet modern design. Indeed, Stefano Bemer's shoes are built on an extremely strong and classic foundation of shoemaking, which has centuries of proven durability. The construction is simply outstanding. While Stefano Bemer is traditionally classic, it stays relevant and modern with several bold creations such as shoes in a combination of colors and materials, gorgeous patinas that create a vintage effect, or sneakers and driving shoes that fit just as comfortably as a pair of well-worn jeans. Speaking of, trust us and pair Stefano Bemer's loafers with jeans, or his sneakers with joggers, and we'll assure you that the results will be terrific!


Stefano Bemer's ready-to-wear (RTW) shoes possess the same qualities that bespoke shoes have, such as a fullly handmade construction and an obsession to detail and perfection, Stefano Bemer's quality and pricing can only be compared to other similar bespoke shoemakers. When you see that bespoke shoes will cost you almost $7,000 with some of the world's best shoemakers, you will quickly realize that Stefano Bemer's ready-to-wear line is an extremely compelling offering, and one that does not involve the lengthy months or years of wait and the numerous in-person fittings that bespoke shoes typically require.


Stefano Bemer shoes are some of the most durable in the world, and depending on how you care for them and resole them, they can last for decades. At Alex Crown, we believe that buying higher quality items such as these actually help reduce waste and consumption. All hides are licensed by Fish and Wildlife offices worldwide for trade and export.


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