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Andrea's 1947

Prato, Italy

When it comes to scarves, Andrea’s 1947 is the pinnacle. Entirely woven in-house using the purest cashmere fibers from Mongolia, Andrea's 1947 scarves are extremely lightweight yet warm, and are a pure joy to wear. They are simply some of the best scarves in the world. Careful, these can get addictive!

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Founded in 1947 by the Cini family, the company started out as a fabric manufacturer and supplied fabrics to other well-known Italian luxury brands.

In an effort to diversify away from pure fabric manufacturing and graduate towards creating a finished product – in 2008, Marco Cini, a descendant of the Cini family, partnered with Andrea Bardelli, then Creative Director of another esteemed Italian cashmere brand, to form the scarf brand Andrea’s 1947.

At the time, scarves were largely made via industrial processes that did not require much craftsmanship or handiwork, and good scarf manufacturers were few and far between. Andrea and Marco knew they wanted to make scarves out of pure cashmere and keep the style distinctively Italian, while using a myriad of colors and prints. Wanting to honor traditional handcrafting methods, they first started by restoring antique shuttle looms from the 1950s. Today, these same looms are still being used to manufacture their scarves. The brand averages about 2 collections per year.


Andrea's 1947 scarves are entirely woven in-house using original, antique shuttle looms that date back to the 1950s and 1960s. These looms allow the brand to reproduce loose and soft open-weave effects. Scarves have selvedge on both long side edges, all fringes are made by hand, and for many of their models, the coloring process is also done by hand.

All scarves are entirely crafted in Italy and the brand directly manages their entire supply and manufacturing chain. Each scarf goes through a rigorous quality control process and is manually checked three times before completion. Andrea and Marco have been focused on offering the best quality product at a fair price, and we at Alex Crown most certainly believe they have succeeded in doing so.


Andrea's 1947 scarves don't go out of style – they are a classic take on scarves. That said, there is still something uniquely modern about them.

Their rich volume combined with unmatched lightness and comfort, instantly captivates you. They use only refined yarns that feel magical to the touch, and boast finishes and colors that convey passion and flair. Their scarves can be perfectly paired with something as simple as a t-shirt and jeans, or something as formal as a three-piece suit.

Scarves come in various sizes such as 90cm x 200cm (35" x 79"), 80cm x 180cm (32" x 71"), 60cm x 180cm (24" x 71"), and 50cm x 180cm (20" x 71"). This allows you to play more with colors, prints, and styles – and you can even use them as a large wrap. Because they are so lightweight, their size can be deceiving.


Andrea's 1947 has been quietly manufacturing for some of the biggest luxury brand names in the world, and here is your opportunity to procure something of incredible quality for a fair price. In fact, we think it's a steal!


The raw cashmere fibers used in Andrea's 1947 scarves are sourced from Mongolia and manufactured into cashmere in a small factory in Italy. The brand has two buildings in Tuscany – one where the manufacturing is done, and another where the finishing and inspections take place. Antique shuttle looms can get fairly loud and the company provides on-ear protection for their workers.


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