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Paris, France

Perfectly sculpted lines, a love for colors, sensible pricing, and a passion for high quality craft and comfort -- this is Caulaincourt, a brand we know you will fall in love with at first sight!

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Caulaincourt was founded in 2008 by Alexis Lafont, a Parisian who started his career in marketing strategy and also did photography, sculpture, and design. Alexis decided to merge his passion for business with his love for art, and started learning the craft of shoemaking and the art of patina, which are in many ways very similar to sculpting and designing. His love for art is readily apparent in Caulaincourt's varied products, array of patina colors, and dynamic pictures. From the artistic direction of the website to the interior design of their stores, as well as the design of their shoes, Alexis is passionately involved at every step of the process. An interesting factoid is that Alexis's great great grandfather, the Marquis de Caulaincourt, was Napoleon's General for many years and holds an important place in French History. Alexis hence decided to name his company "Caulaincourt" after his illustrious ancestor, and to honor France's historical tradition of shoemaking.


Dress shoes from Caulaincourt are made in France, while sneakers are made in Italy, loafers are made in Spain, and boots are made in England. Wherever the shoes are manufactured, they're always completely produced in that country, from the cutting of the leather to the finishing. The reason that different models are manufactured in different countries is because Caulaincourt strives to use the best ateliers in the world for each shoe model, regardless of geography. Depending on the purpose of the shoe, Caulaincourt can opt for different construction methods such as Blake Stitching, Goodyear Welting, or Norwegian Welting. Furthermore, Caulaincourt uses only the best leather hides and materials from France, Italy, the UK, and Japan. In fact, Caulaincourt never cuts more than four pairs of shoes from one hide, so as to keep the quality of the leather as high as possible. Finally, Caulaincourt was one of the very first shoemakers other than Berluti to introduce the work of patina art on ready-to-wear shoes. This patina work is painstakingly done entirely by hand and in-house in Paris, and can take several hours to complete on one pair of shoes.


Caulaincourt designs are special. Their shoe models are a first for the industry, and no other brand does things quite like they do. In fact, whether you slip on Caulaincourt's dress shoes, loafers, or sneakers, you'll always feel like you're discovering something new that you've never experienced before, thanks to their beautiful hand patina work as well as elegant and bold last designs. For instance, their sneakers are really a cross between a dress shoe and a sneaker -- upscale and sophisticated with incredible leather quality but just as comfortable and familiar as your favorite running shoes. Many of Caulaincourt's designs stem from iconic models like the oxford shoe and the belgian loafer, and the tradition and history that these models embody.


With Spanish loafers, Italian sneakers, and French dress shoes that cost less than half of what comparable brands retail for, you know you're making a wise decision. Throw in the fact that they are made with exceptional leathers and fabrics sourced from renowned tanneries in France, Italy, and the UK, and are thoughtfully designed with an obsessive attention to details and colorful patina finishes, you can't help but feel that you are encountering one of the best kept secrets in the shoe game.


Caulaincourt is a firm believer in buying quality versus quantity, which contributes to reducing global shoe production and the amount of associated waste. It even helps to sustain the livelihood of artisans in their workshops. As Alexis himself says: "Be careful about the price of shoes. Moderate-quality shoes may be cheaper than high-quality shoes, but sometimes spending a little more gets you an exponentially better product." With higher quality shoes, you'll replace your shoes less often and even help make the world a better place!


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