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Title of Work

New York, USA

Looking for a unique piece of jewelry or neckwear that's handmade, fairly priced, and special? Look no further -- Title of Work's modern aesthetic is the perfect way to add an elegant detail to your look of the day.

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Title Of Work is the perfect embodiment of wearable art. The brand beautifully and seamlessly weaves together the worlds of sculpture, painting, and architecture along with luxury accessories, evoking a sense of creative inspiration traditionally only reserved for when encountering fine art.

It is the brainchild of visionary American designer Jonathan Meizler, who had started his career in the film industry, then pivoted to luxury fashion where he designed and created couture eveningwear and tailored sportswear. Jonathan is a member of the invite-only CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America), a prestigious fashion organization that is devoted to supporting and nurturing emerging design talent, and is chaired by the Tom Ford, himself a lauded menswear designer of eponymous fame.

Launched in 2011, Title Of Work is an authentic expression of the things that inspire Jonathan, which include architecture, fine art, engineering, and human nature. He starts with a concept then develops and expands it into a range of artistic possibilities, and finally interprets them in the form of artistic accessories such as jewelry, neckties, and more. When one sees the range of his offerings, it is immediately obvious that much deliberate thought as well as careful love and attention went into the design and creation of his products. In Jonathan’s own words, he sets “unreasonable standards” for himself with regardless to vision and execution, and every piece is handcrafted to perfection by highly-skilled artisans.

Since its launch, the brand has been carried at some of the most distinguished luxury retailers in the world. In 2018, Jonathan established a boutique in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York, where the brand has been steadily gaining a strong following of customers who appreciate the quality craftsmanship and unique aesthetic. We at Alex Crown are incredibly proud to represent Title Of Work, a brand that we believe will soon achieve cult status in the realm of luxury accessories.


Most of the items are made in New York City (USA) except for some fabric printing that is done out of Italy. Everything is handmade by highly-skilled craftsmen and artisans who revere traditional methods of construction. They are pieces of art that are crafted with perfection in mind and executed to the highest standards.


Jonathan Meizler has a unique approach to design. He eschews fashion trends and chooses instead to look underneath the surface to find niches that are commonly overlooked, in order to find untapped white space. He designs with timeless sophistication in mind and ensures that his pieces have longevity of wear and are easily mixed and matched with the wearer’s wardrobe.

Each season has its own theme. The colors and moods may be a touch darker for the Fall and Winter, while Spring and Summer see lighter, more exuberant items. Jonathan frequently toys with the themes of deconstruction and reconstruction, and sometimes purposely leaves pieces unfinished to exhibit the raw nature of the object and remind us that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Title Of Work’s best-known signature pieces include their beaded and embroidered neckwear and mixed metal sterling silver bracelets. They also make bracelets, rings, necklaces, facemasks, and more. Their products appeal to a discerning demographic who appreciates the arts, enjoys traveling, and respects timeless design. Especially for the person who wants to express their inner artistic self through fashion, Title Of Work is an excellent choice. Their products have been featured on the foremost menswear fashion publications such as GQ, Esquire, AskMen, and Mr Magazine.

One of our favorite design features of Title Of Work is their emblematic red dot – traditionally used in art galleries to signify that something is sold – which is notably apt here given that their products are pieces of art and foreshadows how quickly we expect them to sell out!


It is difficult to put a price on art. Title Of Work's offerings are handmade in New York City, USA with the best possible materials and at the highest standards of craftsmanship. Their items are at times challenging to classify because they blur the lines between art and wearable accessories...think of them as wearable art! They have the power to evoke special emotions and can inspire you to express your inner individuality. When you procure one of their products, you’ll quickly comprehend the poetic energy behind their designs and soon realize that art indeed, can be priceless.


Title Of Work is a positive role model for fashion brands with regards to sustainability. They source and use only recycled and reclaimed sterling silver, and their 18K gold is reclaimed gold that is certified Fairtrade. Furthermore, they only use conflict-free diamonds from countries that adhere to the Kimberly Process. Fabrics are natural fibers sourced from mills in England, Italy, and Japan.

Title Of Work’s products are created in small and limited batches to minimize waste and excess inventory. When you purchase one of their items, you are supporting craftsmen and jewelers, and helping to keep alive the tradition of fine handicraft.


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