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Pini Parma

Paris, France

Looking for tailored Italian clothing with sartorial details at an unbeatable price? Look no further, Pini Parma has got it all. With suits from just $800 that are made in Naples, Italy, by an atelier that produces for some of the world's top luxury brands, you'll be blown away by this brand. And Pini Parma doesn't only make suits -- they make an entire wardrobe that goes with their Elevated Casual style. If you want to look modern, fresh, and sharp without spending a fortune on clothing, you need some Pini Parma in your life!

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In the late 2000s, a young Thomas Pini left Parma, Italy, to work at the famous menswear clothier Boggi Milano in Paris. As he gained experience and opened 12 stores for Boggi Milano, Thomas noticed that there was an increased interest in the market for sartorial and bespoke clothing. However, high quality was still limited to bespoke and Made-to-Measure (MTM), and very few brands offered high quality Ready-to-Wear (RTW). He had ideas for creating sartorial RTW products with bespoke details such as handmade Milanese buttonholes on jackets and Neapolitan waistbands on trousers, but was not given the resources to fulfill his ideas. Shortly thereafter, Thomas left Boggi Milano and founded Pini Parma together with his wife in 2017 to realize the sartorial dream that he had envisioned. Since then, they have been extremely successful and even expanded to Paris and Brussels, and we at Alex Crown couldn't be more excited to carry Pini Parma!


Pini Parma's clothing and accessories are made using handcrafted techniques in Naples, Italy by expert tailors and artisans, while knitwear is manufactured close to Parma, Italy. For generations, Pini Parma's atelier in Naples has produced top quality clothing for some of the most well-known luxury menswear brands in the world. Sartorial details of Pini Parma's jackets include handmade Milanese buttonholes, hand-rolled lapels, and the collar that is folded and sewn by hand. Pini Parma's limited edition trousers have sublime waistbands that are also mounted by hand. For fabrics, Pini Parma works only with the most renowned Italian mills that produce excellent cloth.


Refined, nonchalant, subtle, and luxurious -- these are the adjectives that come to mind when trying to describe Pini Parma's aesthetic. Pini Parma has an incredibly strong visual identity and DNA, which are elusive qualities that very few brands actually achieve. Even pictures of the brand's models and clothing contain a visual identity that is so strong that you don't even need to see their brand name to know that they are Pini Parma. From the grey backgrounds that resemble Irving Penn's famous portrait photographs, or the dreamy landscapes seemingly taken from Bond movies, to the rugged-looking terrains of their photoshoots, Pini Parma creates a delectable fusion of art and sartorial menswear. Their interpretation of the modern gentleman is someone who enjoys a slim fit, unstructured jacket paired with sneakers or loafers, and we at Alex Crown just can't help but agree.


Pini Parma is one of our most compelling offerings with two-piece suits starting at about $800, jackets starting at about $550, trousers starting at about $200, and shirts starting at about $100. Everything is made by skilled Italian craftsmen in Naples and Parma to the highest sartorial standards. Pini Parma's pricing is simply unbeatable in the menswear industry. If you're looking for a sartorial upgrade to Suit Supply's comparatively industrialized offerings, Pini Parma is it!


In a time where fast fashion dominates the marketplace, Pini Parma (along with the other brands featured on Alex Crown) is focused on producing small batches of quality menswear instead of large quantities of mass-produced clothing. This limits the amount of waste we create as a society and helps us consume more consciously. Pini Parma's production in Naples and Parma also supports men and women whose families have practiced the tailoring craft for generations.


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